2022 Storm Feeder Allocations

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From melbournestorm.com.au

Melbourne’s NRL squad has been split in two with plenty of new faces to play for Storm’s two Hostplus Cup affiliate clubs in Queensland when they are available in season 2022.

Like their NRL big brother, the Sunshine Coast Falcons and Brisbane Tigers are into the final countdown to the start of their new campaigns in March.

Storm splits its squad of NRL and development list players between the two Queensland-based clubs with players not required for that weekend’s NRL fixture heading to their allocated team.

It’s been a highly successful arrangement which has included a number of Storm contracted players gaining valuable senior football experience before progressing to their NRL debuts.

And there’s some interesting changes coming for both clubs in 2022.

The Tigers have gained new Storm top 30 squad members Xavier Coates, Josh King, Nick Meaney and Jayden Nikorima, as well as new development list players Bronson Garlick and Cole Geyer.

George Jennings, who didn’t play an ISC game last year, has been switched from the Falcons to Tigers.

Sunshine Coast has added Will Warbrick and Tyran Wishart to their list and gained young Victorian talent Sua Fa’alogo.

It’s important to note a player’s allocation can be changed prior to their first Hostplus Cup game of the season.

Both clubs kick off the 14-team competition with away games on Saturday, March 19 – the Tigers against Tweed Seagulls (4pm), and the Falcons against Redcliffe (7pm).

Player allocations

Brisbane Tigers: Jesse Bromwich, Xavier Coates, Tom Eisenhuth, Bronson Garlick, Cole Geyer, Jordan Grant, Dean Ieremia, George Jennings, Felise Kaufusi, Josh King, Nick Meaney, Cameron Munster, Jayden Nikorima, Jonah Pezet, Marion Seve, Christian Welch

Sunshine Coast Falcons: Nelson Asofa-Solomona, Kenny Bromwich, Sua Fa’alogo, Harry Grant, Jack Howarth, Jahrome Hughes, Cooper Johns, Tui Kamikamica, Chris Lewis, Trent Loiero, Tepai Moeroa, Justin Olam, Ryan Papenhuyzen, Brandon Smith, Reimis Smith, Will Warbrick, Tyran Wishart

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