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Easts Tigers Academy

Easts Academy Staff

Steve Peoples – Development and Pathways Manager/Coordinator

Andrew Barr – Academy  Co Coordinator

Grant Cole – Academy Strength and Conditioning Head Coach

Laurie Ferguson – Academy Head Trainer/FAO


Academy Coaches

U13 Eales Academy – Kim Bray (Head Coach)

U14 Lindenberg Academy – Paul Nieuwenhuyzen ( Head Coach)

U15 Lang Academy – Wayne Adams ( Head Coach)

U16/17 Morris Academy – Rhett Tronc ( Head Coach)


Academy Dates, Times , Locations , Education Topics

  • January 27-29 Development Camp, Easts Juniors , Scott Park Education Nutrition, Internet Security and Goal Setting All Squads
  • Wed 15th February , 530-730PM, Easts Seniors , Suzuki Stadium, Morris Academy Driver Safety Lecture
  • Wed 15th March , 530-730pm Easts Seniors , Suzuki Stadium, All Squads Drug and Alcohol Awareness/Morris Academy Sports Psychology
  • Wed 19th April 530-730pm , Easts Seniors , Suzuki Stadium, Training Only
  • Wed 17th May 530-730pm , Easts Seniors, Suzuki Stadium, Mental Well being- Head Space all grades
  • Wednesday 14th June 600pm , Academy Photo Evening, Easts Seniors , Suzuki Stadium
  • Wednesday 19th July 530-730pm, Easts Seniors, Suzuki Stadium, Respect to Women- White Ribbon all grades
  • Wednesday 2nd August 530-730pm , Easts Seniors, Suzuki Stadium, Training Only
  • 21-23 September, Development Camp, Sunshine Coast TBC
  • 23rd September Development Games v Sunshine Coast , Sunshine Coast TBC
  • 26th September 530-700pm, Easts Seniors, Suzuki Stadium , Training Only
  • 28-29 September , Easts Seniors , Suzuki Stadium, Development Games v Burleigh/Redcliffe/South Australia Rams TBC

Program Overview

The Easts Tigers Academy is junior development program for junior rugby league players, aged 13 to 17 years, selected from any of the Easts Tigers affiliate clubs, including NRL South Australia.

The academy has been developed to identify and development talented players in a direct pathway to future representative opportunities with the Easts Tigers.

The Academy is based on a representative selection model, whereby players are selected by independent selectors. The Academy squads are fluid and squads may increase or decrease based on players performance and behaviour.

The four aged based squads have been named after Easts Tigers legends being, John Eales (U13’s), Wayne Lindenberg (U14’s), John Lang (U15’s) and Des Morris (U17’s).

Academy members are required to attend monthly training sessions at Suzuki Stadium Langland’s Park whereby players will receive high level of core skill development as well as off-field education.

Players receive constructive feedback from Academy staff to ensure they fully comprehend and reaches set targets.

Player will interact with the Club’s senior playing group as a part of Full Club Welfare Program”


Talent Identification

Players must be identified by our Academy staff and independent selectors to be invited into the Academy.  All invited players will attend scheduled Training/Welfare/Camp Sessions.

All sessions will be run by appointed Easts Tigers Academy staff as well as special guest presenters

Development Squad Training Base and Facilities

Sessions will be conducted at Suzuki Stadium, home of the Easts Tigers where Academy members will have full use of field and gym facilities.

 Development Pathway



  1. Always give your best effort with full intensity at all sessions.
  2. Follow all instructions at all times by Academy staff.
  3. Work on your areas of improvement provided by Academy staff outside of Academy sessions.
  4. Always follow training guidelines set by Academy staff.


  1. All Academy sessions are compulsory.
  2. Players are to communicate directly with Academy Manager or Head Coach for any non-attendance.


  1. Treat staff and team mates with Respect.
  2. Always set a good example when representing yourself and your Junior Club.
  3. Be a leader at school in setting standards of good behaviour and application to your grades.
  4. Never use social media in an inappropriate manner.

Promotional Material

  1. Academy members will agree to having their image reproduced for promotional purposes by the Easts Tigers.
  2. Academy members agree to consult Academy staff prior to engaging in anything pertaining the Easts Tigers outside of the Academy ( need better definition here??)



  1. Academy member who are suspended from school or any of their Junior Club activities must notify Development Manager immediately.
  2. Academy Members on suspension will incur a first strike warning and will sit out any Academy sessions during that period of time. If receiving a second strike, a meeting will be held with Academy staff, player and parent to discuss his position within the squad.
  3. Squads are never finalised. Should a player be involved in an incident deemed serious enough may face possible exclusion from the squad.


Parent / Guardian Guidelines

All parents and guardians with players in the Easts Academy are expected to follow the guidelines set out below:

  1. Never abuse any Academy staff member or any player.
  2. Openly communicate with Academy staff at all times.
  3. Ensure players communicate late arrival or non-attendance with the Squad Manager or Head Coach.
  4. Cooperate in the long term Development of Player in Academy
  5. Always seek medical attention if player sustains an injury.


Academy Curriculum

The Easts Tiger Academy offers players a thorough and comprehensive program designed to not only enhance their on-field core skills but also focus on important off-field subjects through the Club’s Welfare Program, such as:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Injury prevention and management
  3. Internet Security
  4. Goal Setting
  5. Respect for women

Skill Development

Academy Staff have identified these areas as most important to developing young footballers , this will help with core skill development, game sense and decision making.

  1. Catch/Pass/Carry
  2. Defence Technique – effective 1 v 1 , 2 v1 , 3 v1
  3. Line Running/Push/Reload
  4. Ruck Area – Roles and responsibilities focusing on marker and A/B defenders
  5. Speed and Evasion
  6. Game Sense – Attack and defence principles ( incorporating core club plays and terminology)

Nutrition & Recovery

As part of the Academy’s education program, players will receive nutrition, hydration, pre and post-game recovery best practice education, which is catered for each age group to assist with the needs of body development.


Welfare Program

Player welfare program designed to cover a wide variety of topics to assist in player’s growth and self esteem, including:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Goal Setting
  3. Mental Wellbeing
  4. Internet Safe Edcuation
  5. Drug and Alcohol awareness
  6. Respect to Women
  7. Driver Safety Lecture
  8. Sports Psychology

Performance Review

  1. Consistent coach feedback.
  2. Individual goals to reach during season.
  3. 3 x performance reviews throughout season – post-camp, mid-season and season-end.
  4. Academy Selectors to monitor player progress at club level via watching games.


Academy Processes & Goals

The Eales, Lindenberg and Lang squad’s letters-of-invite will go out to players in November of each year.

Players will be monitored throughout the season through Academy and Club participation.

Training will commence in January with a camp. Monthly sessions will commence in February which will include welfare component.  At the conclusion of program, the squads will participate in games against the Sunshine Coast Falcons Developments squads and a Quad Series against the Burleigh Bears, Redcliffe Dolphins and South Australia Rams Development Squads.


Morris Academy

The purpose of the Morris Academy is to identify emerging Mal Meninga players in the Easts Tiger affiliation area.  Players attitude, core skill level and yearly performance will determine whether the player is invited into the Mal Meninga pre-season squad for the following season.

Training will commence in January with a pre-season Camp, before monthly sessions commencing in February, including a welfare component.

At the conclusion of the Program, the squad will play the Sunshine Coast Falcons, Burleigh Bears, Redcliffe Dolphins and South Australia Rams Development Squads.





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